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Kasey Hollon is President and CEO of Pasco. 

She was born and raised in Dallas and is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. Before taking over the  business from her father, Kasey was an English teacher. 

When she is not working, Kasey enjoys traveling to new places across the

globe, volunteering for the numerous charities she is involved with, and

spending time with her husband, three children and three granddaughters.

Kasey Hollon


Bill Hollon is Vice-President of Pasco.

Bill works on the consulting and design side of Pasco

He was born in Dallas and attended the University of Texas at Austin for his Bachelor's Degree and East Texas  State University for his Master's Degree. 

Bill enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Bill Hollon

Vice President


Kathryn Hollon

Kathryn Hollon works with school districts and as a project manager for Construction projects. 

Kathryn is the daughter of Kasey and Bill and grew up in the foodservice industry. In a former life, she was a veterinary technician and she is still passionate  about animals, especially her two dogs, Ruby and Max.


In her free time, Kathryn enjoys discovering new places in the World, attending concerts, and trying out the best restaurants in the DFW area.

Sales & Estimating


Lorelei Phillips is Pasco's Purchasing Manager. She handles the receipt and processing of all purchase orders.

When she is not working, Lorelei enjoys spending time with her husband and children. 

Lorelei Phillips

Purchasing Manager


Mike Emmert is Director of Shipping and Logistics.  He provides job support for the Pasco project management and sales team. Mike is also responsible for logistics including freight  and installation coordination.

Mike has a BA in Criminal Justice and an extensive background in sales and government bidding for automotive  related to law enforcement equipment.  In his free time, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and being outdoors.

Mike Emmert

Field Operations &

Logistics Director


Kristin Mason is Pasco's Construction Project Estimator and also manages accounting.

Kristin can't think of anything more wonderful than a mystery book, a chilly Fall day, and a nice glass of wine!

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her three daughters, reading, hiking, and trying new places to eat.

Kristin Mason

Estimator, Accounting


Patrick Hollon is Pasco's IT Manager and also assists in Quotes and office management.

Pasco spent a former life in Film in Los Angeles, California. He worked on films such as Burlesque and television shows like Prison Break and Bones.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys writing screenplays and tinkering with gadgets.

Patrick Hollon

IT Manager, Quotes

walt mannari.jpg

Walt Mannari is Pasco's Director of Business Development and will be in charge of outside sales.


Walt was born in Queens, New York but found his way to Texas over 25 years ago and has no intention of ever leaving! Walt’s background in fashion and textiles provided him the opportunity to travel the globe, both sourcing and selling.

When not at work, he enjoys time with his growing family; a wife, four children, in-laws and the newest addition - a grandson. Walt considers travel to a place with a beautiful beach and a casino, paradise!

Walt Mannari

Director of Business Development

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